SIT-REP: Red Orchestra 2 - FOR FREE

To celebrate the release of the Game of the Year edition of Rising Storm, 'Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad' will be FREE for one day. That's right FREE, not a free-weekend but free to own forever. So for a 24-hour period, you'll be able to download and keep the game forever.

By navigating to steam store page and downloading the game AFTER the promotion starts and BEFORE it ends (the promotion will last 24 hours), the game will be free to keep forever!

It is now available for FREE on steam for 24 hours only - Grab it now! To claim your Red Orchestra 2 gift, all you need to do is install it. If you don’t install, it goes back to its regular price and you miss out! The offer ends April 24th at 10AM Pacific Time.

Remember that whilst Red Orchestra 2 gives you full access to the Russian setting it will only give you limited access (limited class selection choice) to the Pacific follow up, Rising Storm. Rising Storm itself will have a regular free-weekend this weekend as well.


For everyone else don't forget that the Game of the Year Edition of Rising Storm has been released and it will have it's own traditional free-weekend this coming weekend.

Game of the Year Edition of Rising Storm includes all the previous content updates (Island Assault and the Counterattack mapping contest maps) and now adds in the following:

* 2 transport vehicles for the RO2 factions - Universal Carrier for the Russians and SdKfz-251 halftrack for the Germans
* 3 existing maps updated for the transports (Arad 2, Barashka and Rakowice
* New map - Maggot Hill, featuring Merrill's Marauders at Nhpum Ga, April 1944
* New Search & Destroy gameplay mode - a single life game-type in which teams take turns attempting to destroy one of multiple objectives by planting an explosive. A full set of 10 maps configured for this new game mode
* 3 new community maps now official - Phosphate Plant and Otori Shima featuring US vs Japanese and Myshkova River featuring Russians vs Germans

There's never been a better time to get into Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm and of course In Country Vietnam when we release in the future!

Welcome to the'Nam - Part Two

In the final part of our feature on US Army multiplayer classes, we will be taking a closer look into the roles of the Marksman, Gunner and Non-Commissioned Officer, with full load-out information and interactive, 360° in-game renders.

Meet the Team - Part Two

Marksman (SNP)

The designated marksman's responsibilities are to engage enemy infantry at long range, to provide area denial against infantry and to spot potential threats. Often, marksman will act as scouts gathering detailed reconnaissance from a concealed position before offering covering fire for their squad. By walking point, they can help eliminate any first contact threat before withdrawing.

Full Load-out information and interactive 360° render can be found on the respective faction page

Machine Gunner (MG)

The Machine Gunner has a primary role in area denial and suppression. It is a pivotal defense class, most suitable for holding freshly conquered positions and supporting advances, rather than leading them.

Full Load-out information and interactive 360° render can be found on the respective faction page

Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)

Non-commissioned officers are combat leaders who are responsible for coordinating attacks along side the Platoon Leader. They must direct their squad under fire, mark artillery coordinates and throw smoke grenades to conceal troop movement.

Full Load-out information and interactive 360° render can be found on the respective faction page


Stay tuned in the coming months as we’ll be looking at planned gameplay features along with more featured weapons and NVA multiplayer classes.

Welcome to the'Nam - Part One

We are pleased to present the first group shot of the US Army multiplayer classes. In this first part we will be taking a closer look into the roles of the Grunt, Radioman, Specialist and Platoon Leader with full load-out information and interactive 360° renders.

Meet the team

Grunt (GR)

The Grunt class is the standard infantryman, the foot soldier, of the United States Army. The gear load out is fairly basic but offers a balanced play-style between offensive and defensive capabilities. Whether you’re assaulting a point or providing covering fire for other players who are - the Grunt is equipped for it

Full Load-out information and interactive 360° render can be found on the respective faction page

Radioman (RTO)

The radioman class, or radio telephone operator (RTO) carries his unit's communications gear on his back and serves as a link between his combat unit and headquarters.

Full Load-out information and interactive 360° render can be found on the respective faction page

Specialist (SP)

Specialists are an invaluable support class with a wide range of capabilities; they might be tasked with opening up new avenues of attack, clearing and capturing enemy strongholds, or setting perimeter defenses through the addition of the M18 Claymore mine.

Full Load-out information and interactive 360° render can be found on the respective faction page

Platoon Leader (PL)

Platoon Leaders are responsible for leading the team in battle and for calling in most forms of support. It is essential for the player to coordinate with the NCO classes and Radioman in order to relay appropriate orders and timely support requests.

Full Load-out information and interactive 360° render can be found on the respective faction page

What's Next?

We will of course be unveiling the next batch of US Army multiplayer classes in the very near future which will be followed by an update on a few more of our planned weapons. Further down the road you can expect to see us take a closer look at the NVA multiplayer classes along with other updates on our progress.


Please be aware that we are constantly evolving and things are liable to change during the course of development. If you want an active say in this development we always value the opinions of the community so feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions as usual in our community forums.

Drive on, it don't mean nothin'


The news about the inclusion of the MKB42 was an April Fools and it won't be making an appearance in In Country Vietnam. The character models are obviously new and we'll have updates on the rest of the US character variations shortly

As part of a look into the US Army character variations and classes we are pleased to reveal a first look at our new African American character and class variants. The US armed forces were fully integrated by the Vietnam War and we feel it is important that In Country Vietnam reflect this reality.

We will of course be covering this along with other character variations in greater depth in the near future with detailed 360 renders and class load-outs but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this first look at what is to come.

You may have also noticed that one of the characters is carrying an Mkb 42 from Red Orchestra 2, you might have expected to see a few weapons from Red Orchestra 2 make an appearance in the hands of the Vietcong but during our research we stumbled across a couple of documents that show that the Mkb 42 was tested and used in the Vietnam conflict by the US Army, albeit in a very limited capacity.

Obviously we are aware that the initial inclusion of the Mkb 42 in Red Orchestra 2 ruffled a number of feathers in the community, but over time it's proved to be a popular weapon on most servers. Now that we have definite proof of its presence during the Vietnam conflict we plan to make it available to US forces on a limited selection of maps.


We always value the opinions of the community so feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions in our community forums!

12th Annual Mod of the Year Awards

It's Christmas and that can only mean it's the the 12th Annual Mod of the Year Awards, a celebration of the year's finest mods chosen by you! With over 10000 mods to choose from we need your help in voting for us as one of the top 'upcoming mods'.

(Simply click on the ModDB logo above to reach the In Country Vietnam ModDB profile and to cast your vote

Every vote counts and you don't need to setup a ModDB account to vote (although if you already have one, the vote is worth more!). So as a thank you for helping us we offer a festive treat in return, a first look at the oft-requested M60 Machine Gun with our new 360° render, get some!

So please vote for In Country Vietnam in the 2013 Mod of the Year Awards and whilst you are there don't forget to check out our friends over at Festung Europa for the IndieDB awards to make it a Happy Christmas for all.

Gameplay Teaser & Screenshots!

We at Pop Smoke Games are pleased to reveal the long awaited first look at In Country: Vietnam with the release of our new trailer. In Country: Vietnam is the next game from the creators of Mare Nostrum for Red Orchestra: Ostfront.

In Country: Vietnam marks the first time that the Red Orchestra series will depart from the battlefields of World War II by plunging players into the claustrophobic jungle environments of Vietnam. Players can expect to face all new dangers; from crossing deadly open rice fields or clearing rural villages beset with traps, to defending entrenched fire-base positions and more! As an all-volunteer development team, we hope that the trailer highlights our work ethic as well as our promise to deliver original content. Please be aware that everything you see is still a work in progress; we value your opinions and suggestions with the hope that together we can make In Country: Vietnam a success.

So we hope you enjoy this first look at In Country Vietnam and remember to check out our featured weapons, vehicles and characters in greater detail over at our website. Feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions in our community forums!

Welcome Back!

This is a very exciting time for us at Pop Smoke Games, after a few months of hard work we are finally ready to roll out the updated In Country Vietnam website, reveal our characters for our first two factions and show two more in game screenshots. It's a big step in development and we are eager to hear your feedback.

We would like to point out that what you see is still very much a work in progress and is not representative of the final quality of the game.

First off, we’re proud to show off two new in game screenshots.

Secondly we have added some new 360° renders to our faction, vehicle and weapon pages. These inculde 360° renders of our two base character models, the MUTT and Cobra vehicles and the M1911 and Type 58 Anti-Personnel Mine weapons.

What's Next?

We know a lot of people have asked to see in game footage and it's something we are working towards. As well as working on a new teaser trailer we are also working on new in game screenshots showing off our in game characters, as well as first looks at weapons such as the M60, SVD and Carbine as well as variants on our character models, after all nobody wants an army of clones!


We want to thank everyone for the continued support and interest in 'In Country: Vietnam' and I can reassure everyone that we are still very active. If you have any questions that aren't answered in the FAQ please post them in the forum, ideas and suggestions are also welcome.