SIT-REP: Red Orchestra 2 - FOR FREE

To celebrate the release of the Game of the Year edition of Rising Storm, 'Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad' will be FREE for one day. That's right FREE, not a free-weekend but free to own forever. So for a 24-hour period, you'll be able to download and keep the game forever.

By navigating to steam store page and downloading the game AFTER the promotion starts and BEFORE it ends (the promotion will last 24 hours), the game will be free to keep forever!

It is now available for FREE on steam for 24 hours only - Grab it now! To claim your Red Orchestra 2 gift, all you need to do is install it. If you don’t install, it goes back to its regular price and you miss out! The offer ends April 24th at 10AM Pacific Time.

Remember that whilst Red Orchestra 2 gives you full access to the Russian setting it will only give you limited access (limited class selection choice) to the Pacific follow up, Rising Storm. Rising Storm itself will have a regular free-weekend this weekend as well.


For everyone else don't forget that the Game of the Year Edition of Rising Storm has been released and it will have it's own traditional free-weekend this coming weekend.

Game of the Year Edition of Rising Storm includes all the previous content updates (Island Assault and the Counterattack mapping contest maps) and now adds in the following:

* 2 transport vehicles for the RO2 factions - Universal Carrier for the Russians and SdKfz-251 halftrack for the Germans
* 3 existing maps updated for the transports (Arad 2, Barashka and Rakowice
* New map - Maggot Hill, featuring Merrill's Marauders at Nhpum Ga, April 1944
* New Search & Destroy gameplay mode - a single life game-type in which teams take turns attempting to destroy one of multiple objectives by planting an explosive. A full set of 10 maps configured for this new game mode
* 3 new community maps now official - Phosphate Plant and Otori Shima featuring US vs Japanese and Myshkova River featuring Russians vs Germans

There's never been a better time to get into Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm and of course In Country Vietnam when we release in the future!

Joe Dirt

Come on guys, we need a gameplay video!

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